OpenVPN as a virtual machine in VMware

After installing and configuring OpenVPN as a virtual machine under VMware, you can find some problems, like not being able to access other computers in your network.

This problem is often caused because of a misconfiguration of the virtual switch in VMware.

These are the steps to solve it:

  1. Open your VMware vSphere Client.
  2. Clic on your ESXi host.
  3. Clic on the Configuration tab.
  4. On the left panel, clic on Networking, under Hardware.
  5. Look for the virtual switch where your virtual machine is and clic on Properties…
  6. Make sure there is only one network adapter under the Network Adapters tab.
  7. Under the Ports tab, double clic on the network belonging to your server.
  8. Clic on the Security tab.
  9. Under Policy Exceptions, check the Promiscuous Mode: box, and from the drop-down menu select Accept.
  10. Clic OK and then Close.

That should be all. Now everything should be working.

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